Unser Service für unsere Partner im Fachhandel

Pearson Schweiz AG is a subsidiary of Pearson PLC media and publishing group. With more than 32,000 employees based in 60 countries worldwide and with a turnover of US$ 7,160 billion in year 2004 in the divisions Pearson, Penguin Books and Financial Times, Pearson is one of the world-leading education companies.

Pearson Schweiz AG
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Our service for resellers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The coorporation of Pearson Schweiz AG with their distributors includes all servises in the fields of marketing, sales and logistics.

We work with Book shops, Warehouses, Computer & Software companies, Schools and many more.
We offer:

  • Our sales representatives advise you on how you can manage your assortment so that you always have the best-selling titles available for your customers.

  • a fast and reliable just-in-time logistic by Blumer, Mail and shipper.

  • Orders and enquiries can be made by Datamail, Internet and/or e-Order Email order service.

  • and competent, responsive Customer Service

Moreover we support our distributors in marketing and advertising measures.

For all enquiries, appoinments and further information, please do not hesitate to call us on 041 747 47 47 or by e-mail to mailbox@Pearson.ch. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Kind regards

Pearson Schweiz

Patrick Frei and customer service