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PEC (Pearson English Connect) Student Quick Guide PDF

PEC (Pearson English Connect) Teacher Quick Guide PDF

MEL (MyEnglishLab) Student Quick Guide PDF

MEL (MyEnglishLab) Teacher Quick Guide PDF


Worksheet Video 1 Future Skills

Worksheet Video 2 Pearson English Connect Students

Worksheet Video Step 2: Register on Pearson English Connect Platform

Worksheet Video Step 3: Adding a Product / Activate a Code

Worksheet Video Step 4: Joining a Group

Worksheet Video Step 5: Navigating around Student's Book in Pearson English Connect

Pearson English Connect: Create Account, Add Access Code, Create a Group, Join a Group

Pearson English Connect:  Create Focus, Create a Collection

Pearson English Connect: Creating Assignments

Pearson English Connect - Navigating the page

MyEnglishLab - A Quick and Easy Guide to effectively using the MyEnglishLab


Fit for Switzerland. Ready for the world.

At Pearson, we add life to a lifetime of learning so everyone can realize the life they imagine. We do this by creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact. Because the 21st century demands lifelong learners and individuals, who adapt quickly, think ahead, and innovate.

A journey, not a destination. Education is not just about preparing students to succeed academically, but also about preparing them to contribute to society. A key part of this is what is often called ‘career skills’, or those skills which will make our students valued employees and colleagues.

Our KV Reform Corner has everything you need to prepare your students and learners for a lifelong journey of learning and the tools to tailor and adapt the journey to suit their individual needs.


Task-based learning & Employability

In the new world of working – the term Employability – it is a journey, not a destination. Meaning being employable is the competence to go on the journey of lifelong learning to acquire the skills it takes to be and stay successful in the workplace.

The pathway to sustained employment is not linear. No single job will be the final destination. Individuals will gig, freelance, and diversify the work they do. In the new talent economy, there will be a higher value placed on what you learn today than a degree earned straight after school. English language skills are an important factor in being employable.

Broadly, the skills most in-demand in the future fit into three categories:

  • Teaching and learning, of oneself and others
  • Understanding systems, whether those be human relationships or the interface between human and machine
  • Creativity, such as originality and the ability to generate ideas

Learn more about Employability by reading our Employability Research Paper.

Download Employability Research Paper

Please contact our team if you would like to receive the whole Employability study

Download the Global Scale of English Alignment to the Employability Skills Framework


Join and catch up our workshops


‘Skill Up! Improve your student's Employability’ with Iwonna Dubicka

Employers nowadays want candidates who can offer a range of Employability skills. These may include academic skills, business skills or soft skills such as communication skills, working in a team, and problem-solving. They also include personal management skills, for example, goal-setting. In this workshop, we will look at how the Business English course Business Partner helps learners develop their Employability.

Iwonna shares her experiences as a teacher and author and refer to lessons from the B1 level of Business Partner using Pearson's easy-to-use online tool.

Iwonna Dubicka has taught English since 1989 and is based in Barcelona. She specialises in Business English, communication skills, English for tourism and has taught academic skills at the Universities of Edinburgh and Bath in the UK. She has the RSA diploma and an MA in Communication Studies from Goldsmiths' College, London. Iwonna is the co-author of several coursebooks, including the Business Partner series for Pearson. She enjoys walking, singing in a choir and teacher-training in her free time.

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‘Task Based Learning Workshop’ with Michael Brand

Task Based Learning (TBL): Integrating authentic language needs into the learning process. The Innovative Key to teaching employability skills vital for today's students, and tomorrow's employees. Task Based Learning is a vital tool for teachers and students in order to introduce, develop, and train the employability skills so crucial in the workplace. Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and self-management, these are the skills needed and Task Based Learning is the tool.

Using Business Partner, Pearson's Teacher Trainer, Michael Brand, leads a workshop on the various aspects of TBL and how to use Business Partner and Roadmap to develop and train those employability skills needed for the future.

Michael is a Teacher Trainer for Pearson. He began his teaching career in Durham, England, teaching French and German at Secondary school level. Since 2009 he has lived in Spain, teaching English and French at Secondary and Primary level in schools, before joining Pearson as a teacher trainer. In this role Michael delivers training in schools, for local education authorities as well as at ELT conferences in Spain and abroad. Some of his interests include collaborative learning, gamification, video and online teaching. Michael has been teaching online for the past three years as part of the ELTon award-winning Pearson and BBC Live Classes project: online lessons that bring together students from all over the world to practice English as a lingua franca and to develop their intercultural competence.

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How to support learners – Courseware, Assessment, and Employability Skills

We at Pearson want to help you find your take on the new hands-on approach to learning and teaching English. Therefore, we want to introduce you to our courseware for General English and for Business English. Also find out more about our English Assessment resources so your students can easily certify their English language skills.


Business English – Business Partner - The new, eight-level course that teaches business English and business skills

Business Partner gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. It helps learners to make measurable progress in learning English while helping to make them more employable.

Each level is written to a syllabus based on the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Professional English to help learners evaluate their progress.

Find out more about Business Partner

Mapping to KV Reform Business Partner A2+

Mapping: KV Reform HKBs and Business Partner B1 and B1+

Mapping to KV Reform Business Partner B1

Mapping to KV Reform Business Partner B1+


Why not try out Business Partner in class today?

Our Business Partner Ready to go lessons are a set of lessons taken from our most popular courseware and packaged to make them easy to use online. Each lesson includes a student PDF and a teacher PDF. There may be extra material, for example audio or video files or additional optional activities too.

Get to know Business Partner with Business Partner Ready to go lessons


General English – Find the right path with Roadmap

Roadmap is the new eight-level English course (A1-C1/2) that takes the individual learning speed of each student and each course into account. With its dual-track structure, the course book supports the individuality of each course and thus offers you the possibility to respond to your student’s individual preferences and wishes.

Roadmap can be easily used in both face-to-face and online classes thanks to the various tools we are happy to provide you with. Roadmap's teaching methodology is easy to use and supports your students in their targeted learning and communicating in English. In addition, the course book offers a wide range of supplementary materials including digital resources, the Pearson English Practice App, Teacher's Notes, Answer Keys, and worksheets that allow you to prepare your lessons easily and effortlessly while also having Fit fun with your course participants.

Find out more about Roadmap


Why not try out Roadmap in class today?

Our Roadmap Ready to go lessons are a set of lessons taken from our most popular courseware and packaged to make them easy to use online. Each lesson includes a student PDF and a teacher PDF. There may be extra material, for example audio or video files or additional optional activities too.

Get to know Roadmap with Roadmap Ready to go lessons


English Assessment

Versant Professional English Test

The Versant™ Professional English Test was developed by experts in psychometrics and linguistics and is our most comprehensive Versant language proficiency test. Taken on a computer and marked by Pearson’s patented Versant AI scoring technology, this 60-minute test is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to deal with workplace situations and provides rich insights into their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Corporations, private language schools and training providers around the world use Versant to baseline an employee’s English skills, measure progress in a language program, or use results as insights to uncover learning needs.

Download Versant Professional English Test Flyer

Download Versant Professional English Test Score Report

Download Versant Professional English Test Validation Report


Versant 4 Skills Essential Test

The Versant™ 4 Skills Essential Test was developed by the makers of the industry-leading Versant English Test and Versant Writing Test. It assesses both productive (speaking and writing) and passive (listening and reading) communication skills – all four of which are necessary for effective workplace communication. This 30-minute web-delivered test is the ideal solution for recruiting environments that need quick and reliable results. If your company’s success depends on strong business English communication skills, the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test is right for you.

Download Versant 4 Skills Essential Test Flyer

Download Versant 4 Skills Essential Test Score Report

Download Versant 4 Skills Essential Test Description and Validation Summary


Versant English Placement Test

The Versant™ English Placement Test is an English proficiency test which measures the English speaking and writing skills of individuals whose native language is not English. Universities, private language schools, and corporate training programs around the world use the test to evaluate the ability of students and staff to understand and communicate clearly in English. The Versant English Placement Test takes only 50 minutes and results are available online within minutes after the test is completed, allowing for quick, yet accurate placement decisions. Test questions reflect many different situations in the classroom and real world including reading aloud, conversations, dictations, summarizations, and email correspondence. Versant English Placement Tests can be taken on a computer either in online (web browser) or offline (computer software) mode.

Download Versant Placement Test Flyer

Download Versant Placement Test Score Report

Download Versant Placement Test Report Summary


Also have a look at our English Assessment Catalogue


If you are interested in testing out our courseware and assessment, please get in touch with our team in Switzerland to get a free trial or further information about our products.

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