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At a time when face to face teaching may not be possible you will need options to continue to teach your students. The following information and links will help you find the right Pearson product to effectively deliver our high quality pedagogical content remotely via your preferred web-based video conferencing application.


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Online teaching and learning: Webinars and more

Practical tips for making the most of online teaching and learning.

Whether you’re an educator or a learner, experienced in an online or distance learning environment or adapting to new challenges, at Pearson English our commitment is to support you and your educational objectives wherever you are.
If you’re faced with a new remote class and you’re not sure how to approach it, follow our six tips and you’ll soon be ready to teach online.

Support, resources, upcoming webinars and recordings
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Activities combined with video and audio resources allow your students to practice outside the classroom. The gradebook helps you monitor student progress and personalise their remote learning journey. To get 60-day free access codes for your students please contact your local ELT Pearson Consultant.

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Pearson Online English

Pearson Online English

Offering a wide range of courses with an endless amount of authentic content for all levels. 24/7 learning via desktop or app and daily access to group lessons with qualified native speakers. Pearson Online English caters to the needs of every type of learner.

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Presentation Tool

Presentation Tool

Incorporating the presentation tool into your remote teaching will increase your student's participation as it makes their learning experience more interesting.

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Active Teach

Active Teach

Use active teach with your web based video conferencing application to to share your screen and present student book pages, access full class audio and video resources, worksheets and interactive excercises, assessment activities and tests.

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Active Teach

Pearson eText

For studying on-the-go, eText is the perfect solution. Students can access all of their work online and on tablet. eText can be used to present content to the class, as well as for homework, group study and note-taking

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Active Teach

Pearson Practice App

The app lets students access interactive activities and media assets (audios and videos with transcripts), online and offline. With the PPE app from Pearson, students can practice English anytime and anywhere.

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Help, Support & Guidance: We are here for you

For more information on individual solutions please contact us:

Leena Mähönen-Baldi        Mary Patricia Rowland
Leena Mähönen-Baldi     Mary Patricia Schnueriger


Pearson ELT - Response to Covid-19

Update from Pearson English regarding the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

In response to the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we would like to reassure the global ELT community that we are monitoring the situation extremely closely. We understand the impact this situation is having, and our thoughts are with everyone affected. Our priority is the safety of our employees, customers and learners. Pearson teams around the world will do everything possible to ensure that teaching, learning and exam preparation can continue during this period of uncertainty, following guidance from governments and local authorities in the markets in which we operate.

Please follow the link to the World Health Organisation for advice about the situation in your country.
Find the latest information about school closures.
Please see this distance learning blog from UNESCO.