Sound Advice


This new Second Edition maintains the comprehensive, skills approach to discrete point listening that has made Sound Advice an enduring bestseller, with the valuable addition of thought provoking questions to stimulate pair and group discussion.

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Teacher's Manual
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Sound Advice helps students understand rapid, relaxed English, starting at the word and sentence levels and expanding to short conversations. The text/audiocassette combination helps students develop tier own strategies for understanding language as it is spoken and exposes them to a variety of listening phenomena essential for comprehension of authentic, natural speech.

  • New art based preview activities that familiarize students with the often-troublesome aspects of listening comprehension.
  • Conceptualised exercises that students can understand and relate to, from school and travel to dining out.
  • Unique chapter review "chants" that reinforce what students have learned.
  • TOEFLâ style questions that help students prepare for the listening portion of the TOEFLâ test.