Reading Power Series

High Beginners - High Intermediate

Basic Reading Power, Reading Power and More Reading Power. Based on a cognitive skills approach, these student-centered reading skills texts help students go beyond rote learning to develop the solid reading skills good readers take for granted.

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Reading for Pleasure--Encourages students to master new reading strategies and broaden their vocabularies by helping them select books appropriate to their level and enjoy them on their own.

Reading Comprehension Skills--Emphasizes strategic reading skills such as skimming, scanning, recognizing topics and main ideas, understanding sentences, and making inferences.

Thinking Skills--Provides targeted practice in inference and analytical skills.

Reading Faster--Uses high-interest short fiction and nonfiction passages to help students develop speed and flexibility in their reading.

NEW Test Booklet--Contains reproducible black line masters to be used as additional practice or as a test of reading skills presented in the student book.