Market Leader

Pre-intermediate - Upper Intermediate

Market Leader, developed in association with the Financial Times, is the distinctive three-level business English course that reflects what is really going on in the business world today. Developed in association with the Financial Times, it offers the most up-to-date and flexible materials for business English learners world-wide. Market Leader develops language skills, increases knowledge of key business concepts and expands vocabulary. Vist for further information and free downloadable resources.

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Pre-Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

David Cotton, David Falvey and Simon Kent

Market Leader is the distinctive business English course that brings together the best in English language teaching with the best in business resources.

Developed in association with the Financial Times, it offers the most up-to-date and flexible materials for business English learners world-wide. Market Leader develops language skills, increases knowledge of key business concepts and expands vocabulary. It also has a unique subscription website - find out more here. Market Leader features:

Contemporary topics that are shaping the world such as globalisation, ethics, innovation, risk and selling online. These topics are the focus of each unit and gives students plenty to explore, discuss and practice.

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Authentic resources from key business information sources such as the Financial Times, and interviews with key business people. The texts and material are fully supported with thorough language and skills work to build students' confidence and expand their knowledge.

Case studies that bring together the language and business skills in challenging and motivating scenarios. Not only do these case studies develop language skill, but they also strengthen important business skills such as team work, negotiating and discussion.

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  • Maximum choice for both students and teachers. Market Leader has components to suit a range of teaching and learning needs.
  • Teacher's Resource Book - full and thorough teaching notes, resource bank, text bank, and useful teaching tips make this the complete teacher's companion in the classroom.
  • Practice File - extra classroom or self-study practice, including pronunciation work, listening and writing
  • Test File - teachers can check the progress of students with these photocopiable tests.


  • Business Grammar and Usage - grammar and functions are presented and practised in business contexts. Click on the book for more information....


Business Grammar Usage

  • Various ML titles
    Specialist titles - International Management, Business Law, Banking and Finance. These titles give more specialised language and vocabulary practice, all presented through authentic texts. Click on the picture for more information......

  • - Market leader is the first business English course to have its own dedicated website, featuring resources and a discussion forum. The online subscription site offers weekly articles from the financial times with accompanying worksheets and now includes a free subscription to

Market Leader Pre Intermediate

The course for tomorrow's business leaders

The new addition to the Market Leader series provides professional communication and language skills necessary for a wide range of business situation such as handling meetings, negotiating, presenting and networking.

The coursebook includes 12 units, with 4 review units, a grammar reference, Writing and Activity Files, audio scripts and a glossary of business terms. Take a look at a map of the book now!

Topics that matter

Market Leader reflects the world of business today, and the issues that are shaping the business environment - from managing people to 'stress', 'new business' to 'selling online'. Students can really get to grips with these contemporary topics, making Market Leader one of the most relevant courses around.

Market Leader - Pre-Intermediate
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Content that inspires

Market Leader uses real resources and material from the business environment, such as the world famous and respected Financial Times. This helps students get the best out of the business resources around, expand their practical vocabulary and so build their language confidence. Download a double page spread in PDF format.

Case studies that motivate

Market Leader gives students opportunities to use their language and business skills in case studies based on realistic business problems and situations, such as relaunching a product, negotiating a joint venture, and improving ways of working together. Not only are they developing their business English, students are also actively building their working knowledge of the business world. Register now on this website and receive a free download of a case study.

Videos - three videos including dramas and a documentaries, bring business skills to life and put both language and vocabulary into context.

Three market leader videos

The Market Leader Video package includes three exciting videos that put business English into context and provide informative insights into the business world. The videos can be used independentely or alongside the Market Leader Course Books. Each has a Video Resource Book available to accompany the video with extra activities to support and extend the video material.


Market Leader Portfolio - Pre-intermediate

Portfolio features four specially-made films and authentic interviews with business experts. The video extends language and illustrates topics such as management, business trends and presentations that are introduced in the Pre-intermediate Course Book.

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Market Leader Alliance & Market Leader Business Leader Briefings - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate

These videos are available seperately or as a complete video pack at a very competitive price.

Alliance - an exciting story set around an alliance between two airline companies. The drama is based on authentic developments and issues that are dealt with in business today.

Business Leader Briefings - a collection of authentic interviews with influential business people from global companies. The video focuses on, an stimulates the viewer's respose to key business issues.