ASP.NET by Example

Steven A. Smith  
QUE Publishing
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December 2001
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ASP.NET by Example
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For courses in traditional programming and web programming.

The By Example Series builds a language tutorial, example by example, with necessary text explaining the examples. Additionally, the complete example at the end of the book allows you to connect all of the examples to create the big picture. Instead of numerous examples focusing on individual topics, you'll see how all the topics combine to create a usable result.


  • Basic features of the programming language are covered.
    • Provides students with the concepts necessary to create their own programs.

  • Up-to-date examples applying the programming concepts.
    • Teaches students' concepts by using examples they can relate to.

  • Student friendly pedagogical tools-Include Tips, Notes, Cautions, Cross-References and Chapter Summaries.
    • Helps guide students through the chapters.

  • Structured programming techniques.
    • Helps students develop a structured programming technique to isolate problems, write correct problems faster, and produce easy-to-maintain programs.

  • End of chapter review questions and exercises.
    • Allows students to reinforce what they've learned in each chapter.

Table of Contents


1. .NET Overview.

The Big .NET Picture. The .NET Framework.

2. An Introduction To ASP.NET.

Moving to .NET. A Brief History of ASP. Why ASP Developers Need This Book. Benefits of ASP.NET over ASP.

3. Migrating From ASP to ASP.NET.

Preparing to Use ASP.NET. Basic Differences Between ASP and ASP.NET. Common ASP Tasks and Their ASP.NET Equivalents.

4. The New ADO-ADO.NET.

ADO vs. ADO.NET. Connecting to the Database. Retrieving Data. Data Controls. Working with XML.

5. HTML/Web Controls.

What Are Server Controls, Anyway? HtmlControls. WebControls. Populating ListBoxes.

6. Using ASP.NET List Controls.

The ListControl Class. Working with the Items Collection. Databinding and List Controls. Changing the Layout of List Controls.

7. Using ASP.NET Rich Controls.

Introduction to Rich Controls. Introduction to the Calendar Control. Using CSS to Control Calendar Display.

8. Using ASP.NET Validation Controls.

Validating HTML Forms. What Are Validation Controls? Client-Side Validation. Inserting a Validation Control. RequiredFieldValidator Control. RangeValidator Control. CompareValidator Control. RegularExpressionValidator Control. CustomValidator Control. ValidationSummary Control. Bringing It All Together. One Step Beyond: VControls.

9. Using ASP.NET User Controls.

Introduction to User Controls. Creating ASP.NET User Controls.

10. ASP.NET Applications.

HTTP Basics. Configuring Your Application. Building a Simple Authentication Application. Deploying your ASP.NET Application.

11. ASP.NET and Web Services.

Distributed Computing: Many Things to Many People. Writing Web Services. Advanced Topics. Programming Web Services with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

12. Custom ASP.NET Server Controls.

Custom Controls Defined. Custom Controls Versus User Controls. Third-Party Custom Controls. Creating a Custom Control of Our Own. Building On Existing Controls. Creating Composite Controls. Handling Control Events. Handling PostBacks. Using Templates. Raising Events. Databinding. Building Components.

13. Debugging ASP.NET Overview.

ASP.NET Debugging Features. Implementing Tracing. System.Diagnostics Tools. Visual Studio.NET. Frequently Encountered Bugs.

14. Case Study: E-commerce with ASP.NET.

Building a Web IBuySpy Store Design.

Appendix A. ASP.NET Syntax.

File Structure. Forms. Dealing with Data. Using Controls. Debugging.

Appendix B. ADO.NET Object Model.

System.Data Namespace. System.Data.OleDb Namespace. System.Data.SqlClient Namespace.

Appendix C. Visual Basic.NET Language Reference.

Changes from Previous Versions of VB. New Features in VB.NET. Getting Started. Variables. Parameters. Expressions and Operators. Statements. Types. Component-Based Features.

Appendix D. C# Language Reference.

Getting Started. Variables. Parameters. Memory Management. Operators and Expressions. Statements. Types. Component-Based Features.


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ASP developers need to understand how ASP.NET can help them solve business problems better than any prior product. ASP.NET by Example is designed to provide a "crash course" on ASP.NET and quickly help the reader start using this new technology. As part of the By Example series, this book approaches ASP.NET in an easy-to-use tutorial way, giving the reader a much faster and more interactive learning experience than the traditional reference book. By building the sample applications taught in the book, readers will learn how to create custom ASP.NET controls, how to use ADO+ objects in ASP, and how to deploy and manage applications. ASP.NET by Example also provides tools and information needed to migrate old ASP files to the new platform, saving developers significant time and money. As an added feature Steven A. Smith has included multiple case studies on how ASP.NET is used in e-commerce applications.


Steven A. Smith is a Managing Consultant and Internet Specialist for Software Architects, Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm with offices in more than a dozen U.S. cities. Steve has been a "SARK" for more than four years and is currently working in the Cleveland office, focusing on highly scalable component-based architectures. In his spare time, Steve runs the #1 ASP.NET community site,, and maintains a column there with dozens of articles on ASP and ASP.NET. He has also written a number of articles for and continues to work as a technical reviewer for WROX, Prentice Hall, and QUE. Steve has an MCSE+Internet (4.0) certification and previously completed the MCSD. He is also a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. His development experience prior to .NET was mainly focused on ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, and COM+. When he isn't bonding with his laptop computer, Steve enjoys biking, swimming, foosball, and spending time with his wife, Michelle, and their two dogs, Jaegerin and Mojo. Steve can be reached at

Nicholas Chase has been involved in Web site development for companies such as Lucent Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nick has been a high school physics teacher, a low-level radioactive waste facility manager, an online science fiction magazine editor, a multimedia engineer, and an Oracle instructor. More recently, he was the Chief Technology Officer of Site Dynamics Interactive Communications in Clearwater, Florida, and is the author of three books on Web development, including Java and XML From Scratch (Que). He loves to hear from readers and can be reached at

Glenn Cook has been programming and teaching ASP since 1997. His tutorials and award-winning source code continue to make his column at the AspAlliance, the #1 ASP.NET Community, one of the most popular in its history. He is the founder of and is a Senior Consultant with Fahrenheit Technology in Richmond, VA. He has lead projects for clients such as Land Rover, Charles Schwab, The Yellow Pages, Marriot, and most recently for CapitalOne. When he's not playing with code, he is spending time with his family in the D.C./VA area.

Nathen Grass is a consultant with RDA Corporation ( in Atlanta, Georgia. RDA builds custom software and Web-based applications to solve complex business problems for mid-market and large-scale companies. Nathen specializes in DNA architecture development using various Microsoft technologies and lately has been heavily involved in learning and developing on the .NET platform. Nathen can be reached at

Vincent W. Mayfield is a Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, and Vice President/Co-Founder of Bit-Wizards IT Solutions, Inc., of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He has more than 12 years of experience developing software, and over 8 years developing applications for the Microsoft Windows Family of Operating Systems with C and C++. He has served in the U.S. Army Reserves and the U.S. Air Force, and is an FAA Commercial Instrument rated pilot. Vincent has authored/co-authored several programming books to include: Waite Group's COM/DCOM Primer Plus, ActiveX Programming Unleashed, and Visual C++ 5.0 Developer's Guide. Vincent holds a BS in Mathematics with Minors in Computer Science and Aerospace Science as well as a MS in International Relations. Bit-Wizards IT Solutions is a cutting-edge technology company that provides professional software engineering, e-commerce, wireless, Web, consulting, and information technology solutions.

Wynn Netherland is President of Houston, Texas-based Praexis, Inc., a software consulting firm specializing in developing hosted applications using .NET. Wynn has worked in Web development since 1995 and is currently working on his second .NET title. When he's not churning out code or chapters, he enjoys traveling and attending Astros games with his wife, Paula. He can be reached at

Scott Swigart is living proof that being a geek at age 12 pays off. He is currently a senior principal at 3 Leaf Solutions, where he spends the bulk of his time providing training and consulting services for .NET early adopters. Scott started working with .NET as soon as the first bits would complete an install. In addition to working with .NET early adopters, Scott is actively involved in various .NET projects for Microsoft.

William Wise holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Brandeis University, a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, and has done a fair amount of graduate work at the University of Virginia studying Christianity and Judaism in antiquity. Professionally, he has worked as a developer, trainer, network administrator, and database administrator and has developed a number of two-tier and three-tier applications to meet the business objectives of a variety of employers, primarily in the biotech business sector. His interests include playing guitar, reading Tolkien's fiction over and over, and learning the ins and outs of Linux. William currently resides in the historic community of Williamsburg, VA, along with his fiancé and several old, close friends.