Sams Teach Yourself Cisco Routers in 21 Days

Jerome F. DiMarzio
Januar 2002


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Sams Teach Yourself Cisco Routers in 21 Days
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For Cisco Networking courses.

An in-depth, straightforward tutorial. It covers configuring a router from the ground up, alerts the reader to the most common problems, and offers tested solutions when they are applicable.

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary, Q & A, and Quiz.)



1. Introduction to Cisco Routing: The Technology and the Company.

The History of Cisco Routers. Routing and the Internet. Routing in Everyday Life.

2. Understanding Cisco Hardware.

General Cisco Router Hardware Components. Series-Specific Router Hardware.

3. Understanding the Cisco IOS.

Behind the Cisco IOS. The Cisco IOS Command Interpreter. Exercises.

4. Learning the Cisco IOS User Interface.

Navigating the IOS. The IOS User Interface Basic Elements. Accessing Cisco's IOS Help. Basic IOS Commands. Exercises.

5. Understanding How Routers Move Data.

Cisco Routers and the Network Layer. Protocol Routing. The Mechanics of Routing. Routed Protocols vs. Routing Protocols.

6. Getting the Router Up and Running.

Configuring a Clean Router. Extended Setup Dialog. The Configuration Files. Reconfiguring an Existing Router. Changing Individual Configuration Items. Viewing and Configuring Interfaces. Creating a Banner. Exercises.

7. Backing Up Cisco Routers.

Physical Backups. Cisco IOS Configuration File Backups. Exercises.


8. Understanding Routed Protocols.

Protocol Categorization. The OSI Model. Protocol Divisions and Classifications. Protocol Encapsulation.

9. Learning IP Basics.

IP. Network Subnetting. Supernetting an IP Network. IP and Cisco Routers.

10. Learning How to Configure IP on Cisco Routers.

IP and Cisco Interfaces. ICMP. Using ICMP Tools. Ping. Telnet. rlogin. Exercises.

11. Understanding Segmented Networks.

Identifying the Need for Subnetting. Subnetting an IP Network. Configuring Static Routes Between Subnets. Exercises.

12. Learning How to Configure IPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange).

Introduction to IPX. IPX Addressing. IPX Routing. Exercise.

13. Understanding WAN Protocols.

ISDN. X.25. Frame Relay. Exercises.

14. Understanding Routing Protocols.

Routing Algorithms. Dynamic Updates.


15. Learning How to Configure RIP.

An Overview of the Routing Information Protocol (RIP). RIP Routing Algorithm. How RIP Works. Configuring RIP. Maintaining RIP. Exercise.

16. Using IGRP and EIGRP.

IGRP and EIGRP Versus RIP. IGRP Technology. Configuring IGRP. EIGRP Technology. Configuring EIGRP. Exercise.

17. Configuring OSPF.

Introduction to OSPF. OSPF Technology. Configuring OSPF. Exercise.

18. Understanding Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

Autonomous Systems. Configuring the Exterior Border Gateway Routing Protocol. Configuring Interior Border Gateway Routing. Exercises.

19. Learning IS-IS.

IS-IS and DECnet. How IS-IS Relates to CLNP. IS-IS Link State Routing. IS-IS Metrics and Algorithms. IS-IS Addressing, Areas, and Domains. IS-IS Packets. IS-IS Routing. Configuring IS-IS. Exercise.

20. Introduction to Basic Cisco Security.

IP Access Lists. NAT. Exercises.

21. Understanding Cisco Catalyst Switch Routing and PNNI.

The ATM Architecture. The UNI Signaling Protocol. PNNI Hierarchy. PNNI Routing Protocol. PNNI and QOS. PNNI Signaling Protocol. PNNI Crankback. Configuring PNNI.

Appendix. Cisco Command Reference.

User Mode Examples. Privilege Mode Commands.


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Sams Teach Yourself Cisco Routers in 21 Days is an in-depth, straightforward tutorial. It covers configuring a router from the ground up, alerts the reader to the most common problems, and offers tested solutions when they are applicable.

Readers will learn how to:

  • install the IOS;
  • perform the initial configuration;
  • configure the router for protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX, RIP, and IGRP,
  • avoid common pitfalls working with routers.


Jerome F. DiMarzio is a network engineer with 10 years of experience in system design and administration. He has worked as a consultant since 1991 for companies such as the Walt Disney Company and the United States Department of Defense.

Currently Jerome F. DiMarzio is a technical consultant for a large financial institution in central Massachusetts. He has achieved the certifications of MCP, MCP+I, MCSE, and CCNA. He is also a GOLD (Graduate Of the Last Decade) member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), serving on the IEE Computer Society Task Force on Virtual Intelligence and the Task Force on Information Technology for Business Applications.