Logo Design Love: A guide to creating iconic brand identities

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David Airey  
Peachpit Press
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August 2014
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Logo Design Love: A guide to creating iconic brand identities
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This edition of David Airey’s  Logo Design Love contains more of just about everything that made the first edition so great: more case studies, more sketches, more logos, more tips for working with clients, more insider stories, and more practical information for getting the job and getting it done right.

Logo Design Love shows students how to develop an iconic brand identity from start to finish, using client case studies from renowned designers. In the process, he reveals how designers create effective briefs, generate ideas, charge for their work, and collaborate with clients. David not only shares his personal experiences working on identity projects—including sketches and final results of his own successful designs—he also uses the work of many well-known designers such as Paula Scher, who designed the logos for Citi and Microsoft Windows, and Lindon Leader, creator of the current FedEx identity, as well as work from leading design studios, including Moving Brands, Pentagram, MetaDesign, Sagmeister & Walsh, and many more.

In Logo Design Love, students learn:

  • Best practices for extending a logo into a complete brand identity system
  • Why one logo is more effective than another
  • How to create their own iconic designs
  • What sets some designers above the rest
  • 31 practical design tips for creating logos that last

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part I: The importance of brand identity
  • Chapter one. We’re surrounded
  • Chapter two. It’s the stories we tell
  • Chapter three. Elements of iconic design
  • Part II: The process of design
  • Chapter four. Laying the groundwork
  • Chapter five. Skirting the hazards of a redesign
  • Chapter six. Pricing design
  • Chapter seven. From pencil to PDF
  • Chapter eight. The art of the conversation
  • Part III: Moving forward
  • Chapter nine. Staying motivated
  • Chapter ten. Your questions answered
  • Chapter eleven. 31 practical logo design tips
  • Chapter twelve. Beyond the logo


A self-employed graphic designer from Northern Ireland, David Airey writes three of the most popular graphic design blogs on the Internet: DavidAirey.com, LogoDesignLove.com, and IdentityDesigned.com. David’s blogs have attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal fans who read and are inspired by his writing every day. Airey is also the author of Work for Money, Design for Love.