Microsoft Outlook 2016 Step by Step

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Joan Lambert / Steve Lambert  
Microsoft Press
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February 2016
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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Step by Step


This is learning made easy. Students will get productive fast with Outlook 2016 and jump in wherever they need answers--brisk lessons and colorful screen shots show them exactly what to do, step by step.


  • Easy lessons for essential tasks
  • Big full-color visuals
  • Skill-building practice files

Table of Contents

Introduction   xiii
Who this book is for   xiii
The Step by Step approach   xiii
Download the practice files   xiv
Ebook edition   xv
Get support and give feedback   xvi
Errata and support   xvi
We want to hear from you   xvi
Stay in touch   xvi
Part 1: Get started with Outlook 2016
Chapter 1: Outlook 2016 basics   3

Start Outlook   4
Work in the Outlook user interface   5
Sidebar: About Office   6
Identify app window elements   8
Sidebar: Tell me what you want to do   15
Work with the ribbon and status bar   15
Sidebar: Adapt procedure steps   18
Manage Office and Outlook settings   22
Sidebar: Microsoft account options   24
Skills review   28
Practice tasks   29
Chapter 2: Explore Outlook modules   31
Work in the Outlook app window   32
Work with items   32
Switch among modules   34
Work in the Mail module   36
Folder Pane content   36
Ribbon tabs   39
Content area views   41
Sidebar: Display conversations   47
Message windows   47
Sidebar: Draft responses in the Reading Pane   53
Sidebar: The Backstage view of a message   54
Work in the Calendar module   55
Ribbon tabs   56
Calendar item windows   57
Work in the People module   59
Ribbon tabs   60
Contact record windows   61
Work in the Tasks module   63
Ribbon tabs   64
Task windows   64
Skills review   65
Practice tasks   66
Part 2: Manage email messages
Chapter 3: Send and receive email messages   71

Create and send messages   72
Create messages   73
Troubleshoot message addressing   78
Save and send messages   82
Sidebar: Send from a specific account   84
Attach files and Outlook items to messages   88
Sidebar: New mail notifications   95
Display messages and message attachments   96
Display message content   96
Display attachment content   98
Display message participant information   103
Respond to messages   108
Sidebar: Resending and recalling messages   112
Skills review   115
Practice tasks   116
Chapter 4: Enhance message content   119
Personalize default message formatting   120
Apply thematic elements to individual messages   127
Apply and change themes   127
Apply and change styles   129
Create and use automatic signatures   131
Incorporate images in messages   137
Change message settings and delivery options   139
Skills review   147
Practice tasks   148
Chapter 5: Manage email security   153
Block unwanted messages   154
Sidebar: Trace message origins   156
Manage messages in the Junk Email folder   158
Configure junk email settings in your Inbox   164
Configure junk email options   165
Increase email security   170
Apply security measures to incoming messages   170
Apply security measures to outgoing messages   176
Configure Outlook to use a digital ID   176
Digitally sign or encrypt messages   180
Sidebar: Restrict access by using rights management   184
Skills review   184
Practice tasks   185
Chapter 6: Organize your Inbox   187
Display and manage conversations   188
Arrange messages by specific attributes   194
Categorize items   198
Sidebar: Store information in Outlook notes   202
Organize messages in folders   206
Sidebar: Print messages   210
Skills review   211
Practice tasks   212
Part 3: Manage contacts
Chapter 7: Store and access contact information   217

Save and update contact information   218
Create and modify contact records   219
Sidebar: Contact record sources   220
Sidebar: Conform to name and address standards   225
Communicate with contacts   231
Sidebar: Create custom contact record fields   232
Initiate actions from contact records   233
Select message recipients from address books   235
Sidebar: Link contact records   238
Display different views of contact records   238
Sidebar: Modify the settings of any view   243
Print contact records   245
Skills review   251
Practice tasks   252
Chapter 8: Manage contact records   255
Create address books   256
Import and export contact records   260
Create contact groups   268
Quickly locate contact information   275
Personalize electronic business cards   279
Skills review   285
Practice tasks   286
Part 4: Manage appointments and tasks
Chapter 9: Manage scheduling   291

Schedule appointments and events   292
Sidebar: Add holidays to your calendar   296
Convert calendar items   298
Configure calendar item options   300
Schedule and change meetings   306
Respond to meeting requests   314
Display different views of a calendar   316
Sidebar: Use the Date Navigator   320
Skills review   323
Practice tasks   324
Chapter 10: Manage your calendar   329
Define your available time   330
Configure time zones   332
Sidebar: Specify appointment time zones   335
Work with multiple calendars   336
Connect to other calendars   337
Manage the display of multiple calendars   342
Share calendar information   346
Share calendars with co-workers   347
Share calendar information outside of your organization   356
Print a calendar   359
Skills review   364
Practice tasks   365
Chapter 11: Track tasks   369
Create tasks   370
Create task items   370
Create tasks from Outlook items   379
Manage tasks   381
Update tasks   382
Remove items from your task list   385
Manage task assignments   387
Assign tasks to other people   387
Respond to task assignments   391
Display different views of tasks   393
Display tasks in the Tasks module   393
Sidebar: Outlook Today   396
Display tasks in other modules   399
Skills review   401
Practice tasks   402
Part 5: Maximize efficiency
Chapter 12: Manage window elements   407

Personalize the Outlook app window   408
Configure the Folder Pane   409
Configure the Navigation Bar   411
Display module peeks   412
Configure the Reading Pane   414
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar   416
Customize the ribbon   420
Customize user interface fonts   425
Skills review   431
Practice tasks   432
Chapter 13: Customize Outlook options   437
Sidebar: About the Outlook Options dialog box   438
Configure general Office and Outlook options   440
Configure message options   443
Compose messages   444
Outlook panes   447
Message arrival   448
Conversation Clean Up   449
Replies and forwards   449
Save messages   451
Send messages   453
MailTips   454
Tracking   455
Message format   456
Other   456
Configure calendar options   457
Configure contact and task options   460
Group options   461
Contact options   461
Task options   463
Configure search and language options   463
Configure advanced options   467
Manage add-ins and security options   471
Manage add-ins   471
Configure Trust Center options   474
Skills review   476
Practice tasks   477
Chapter 14: Manage email automatically   479
Automatically reply to messages   480
Sidebar: Manage messages while you’re away   487
Create rules to process messages   488
Manage messages by using Quick Steps   496
Skills review   501
Practice tasks   502
Appendix A: Get connected   505
Appendix B: Keyboard shortcuts   521
Glossary   541
Index   549
About the author   573


Joan Lambert has worked closely with Microsoft technologies since 1986 and in the training and certification industry since 1997. As President and CEO of Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI), Joan guides the translation of technical information and requirements into useful, relevant, and measurable resources for people who are seeking certification of their computer skills or who simply want to get things done efficiently.

Joan is the author or coauthor of more than three dozen books about Windows and Office (for Windows, Mac, and iPad), video-based training courses for SharePoint and OneNote, and three generations of Microsoft Office Specialist certification study guides.

Joan is a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist Master (for all Office versions since Office 2007), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (for Windows and Windows Server), Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (for Windows), and Microsoft Dynamics Specialist.

Joan currently lives in a small town in Texas with her simply divine daughter, Trinity; an ever-growing menagerie of dogs, cats, fish, and frogs; and the DeLonghi Gran Dama super-automatic espresso machine that runs the house.