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Echo Swinford  
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November 2015

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My PowerPoint 2016
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Book + Content Update Program

If you want to deliver truly attention-grabbing presentations with PowerPoint 2016, My PowerPoint 2016 is your must-have companion. Friendly, quick, and packed with real-world advice, it walks you through every task you'll want to perform, including:

  • Choosing the right design
  • Creating and inserting shapes and pictures
  • Incorporating effective animations, transitions, and multimedia content
  • Finalizing and printing your presentation
  • Setting up and delivering slide shows
  • Modifying themes and templates to your precise needs
  • And much more

Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost of confused. Everything's clearly organized in modular, self-contained chapters designed to help you get more powerful results from Microsoft's PowerPoint 2016, and get them faster. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips and lists - plus quick solutions to the problems you're most likely to encounter.

In addition, this book is part of Que’s exciting new Content Update Program. As Microsoft updates features of PowerPoint 2016, sections of this book will be updated or new sections will be added to match the updates to the software. The updates will be delivered to you via a FREE Web Edition of this book, which can be accessed with any Internet connection. To learn more, visit

How to access the free web edition:  Follow the instructions within the book to learn how to register your book to access the FREE Web Edition.

Table of Contents

1 Getting Started   3
PowerPoint Everywhere   3
Looking at the New Features   5
Improved Office Themes   5
New “Modern” Chart Types   7
Improved Smart Guides   7
More Picture-Quality Options   7
Improved Video Resolution   8
Record Ink   8
Ink Equations   9
Insert Screen Recording   9
Tell Me   10
Insights   10
Installing Microsoft Office 2016   11
The PowerPoint 2016 Interface   14
The Start Screen   15
The Ribbon   18
The Shortcut Menu and Mini Toolbar   23
Backstage View   24
The Editing Workspace (Normal View)   28
Other PowerPoint Views   29
Formatting Panes   34
Dynamic Paste Preview   36
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar   37
Customize Your Quick Access Toolbar   37
2 PowerPoint Basics   45
Starting a Presentation   45
Choose a Look for Your Presentation   46
Add Slides   48
Formatting Text   51
Add Text in a Placeholder   52
Format Text   54
Format Paragraphs   59
Format Indents and Tabs   63
Changing Slide Size   66
Change Slide Size Without Distorting Content   66
Inserting Existing Slides   68
Copy and Paste Slides   68
Reuse Slides   71
Saving Your Presentation   73
Save to OneDrive   74
Save to Your Computer   76
Save as a Presentation or Show   77
3 Creating and Working with Shapes   81
Making and Manipulating Shapes   82
Insert, Resize, and Rotate Shapes   82
Add Text and Text Boxes   84
Duplicate Shapes   85
Select Objects and Shapes   86
Use the Selection Pane   87
Control the Order of Shapes   89
Tweak Shapes with Adjustment Handles   90
Change Shapes into Other Shapes   91
Create Your Own Shapes with Merge Shapes   91
Formatting Shapes   93
Apply One-Click Formatting with the Shape Styles Gallery   94
Manually Apply Solid Fill Colors   95
Use the Eyedropper to Apply Fill Color   100
Apply and Customize a Gradient Fill   101
Add a Picture or Texture Fill   103
Format Lines and Outlines   104
Add a Shadow   107
Add a Bevel   108
Apply 3-D Rotation   109
Copy Formatting with Format Painter   111
Formatting Graphical Text (WordArt)   112
Apply WordArt Formatting with One Click   112
Fill Text with a Picture   113
4 Aligning and Positioning Shapes   117
Using Smart Guides   117
Align and Distribute with Smart Guides   118
Using Alignment Tools   119
Align with Alignment Tools   119
Distribute with Alignment Tools   120
Using Drawing Guides   122
Align Shapes Using Drawing Guides   122
Grouping Objects for Easier Alignment   124
Group Shapes   125
5 Working with Pictures  127
Inserting Pictures   128
Insert Pictures from Your Hard Drive   128
Insert Online Pictures   129
Insert Screen Captures   131
Turn Pictures into SmartArt   132
Cropping and Resizing Pictures   133
Resize Pictures   134
Crop Pictures   135
Crop to Aspect Ratio   138
Crop to Shape   139
Formatting Pictures   140
Apply Formatting with Picture Styles   141
Remove Picture Backgrounds   142
Apply Picture Corrections   144
Recolor and Color Correct a Picture   145
Apply Artistic Effects   148
Swap One Picture for Another   149
Compressing Pictures   152
Compress Pictures to Reduce File Size   153
Creating a Photo Album   155
Create a Photo Album   155
6 Creating Diagrams and Tables   159
Creating SmartArt Graphics   159
Insert a SmartArt Graphic   160
Add Text and Shapes   162
Convert Text to SmartArt   164
Create a Picture Diagram   165
Formatting SmartArt Graphics   165
Change Diagram Colors   166
Change Diagram Styles   167
Format Fonts in Diagrams   169
Working with Tables   169
Create Tables   170
Move Around in a Table   171
Resize Tables, Rows, and Columns   172
Formatting a Table   173
Apply Table Quick Styles   173
Format Table Shading   174
Format Table Borders   176
Format Text in a Table   178
7 Creating and Formatting Charts  181
Creating Charts in PowerPoint   181
Insert a Chart   182
Add or Change Chart Data   184
Change the Chart Type   187
Create a Combination Chart   188
Formatting Charts   189
Apply Quick Styles and Layouts   189
Change Chart Colors   190
Add and Remove Elements   193
Position and Format Data Labels   194
Format Numbers   196
Change the Value Axis Scale   197
Using the Data Tools   198
Hide and Unhide Data   199
Use the Chart Filters Icon   200
Inserting Charts from Excel   203
Link and Embed Excel Charts   204
Edit Linked Excel Chart Data in PowerPoint   205
Edit Linked Excel Chart Data in Excel   206
8 Adding Animations and Transitions   209
Applying Transitions   210
Add Transitions to Slides   210
Advance Slides Automatically   213
Understanding Animation Basics   214
Add Animation and Specify When It Plays   214
Add a Second Animation to an Object   216
Add Animation to Text   218
Add Emphasis Animation   219
Create a Motion Path Animation   220
Add a Trigger Animation   222
Fine-Tuning Animations   223
Set Duration and Delay in the Animation Pane Timeline   223
Repeat an Animation   225
Reuse an Animation   226
Animate a Chart or SmartArt Graphic   227
9 Using Multimedia   231
Inserting Audio and Video   231
Insert Video or Audio from Your Hard Drive   232
Insert Online Video   233
Record Your Own Audio   234
Record a Video of Your Screen   235
Editing and Formatting Audio and Video   236
Trim Time from Audio and Video   237
Fade Audio and Video In and Out   238
Add a Poster Frame to a Video   239
Crop a Video   240
Apply Video Styles and Other Formatting   241
Setting Up Audio and Video Playback   244
Play a Media File Automatically or When Clicked   244
Play a Media File “On Click”   246
 Control Other Video Playback Options   248
Play Audio as a Background Track   249
Add Bookmarks to the Media Timeline   250
Use Bookmarks to Sync Animation to Your Media   251
Making Your Media More Portable   252
Optimize Media Compatibility   252
Compress Media   253
10 Printing and Finalizing Your Presentation   255
Creating Sections   256
Adding Headers and Footers   258
Requirement 1: Add Footer Placeholders   259
Requirement 2: Populate the Footer Placeholders   261
Reviewing Your Presentation   262
Add Comments   263
Add Ink   264
Share with Colleagues   265
Use Review and Compare   268
Printing   270
Use Black and White Settings   270
Print Slides   272
Print Handouts   274
Print Notes Pages   275
Checking for Issues   278
Check Compatibility   278
Check Accessibility   279
Inspect Document   280
11 Setting Up Your Slide Show   285
Setting Up the Presentation Structure   285
Add Speaker Notes   286
Hide Slides   288
Add Links So You Can Jump Around   289
Create Custom Shows   293
Set Up Slide Show Options   294
Delivering Your Presentation   296
Start the Slide Show   296
Navigate the Slide Show   297
Use Presenter View   300
Using Alternative Delivery Methods   303
Present Online   304
Save as a Video   306
Save as a Picture Presentation   308
Save a Presentation as a PDF   309
12 Creating Your Own Theme   315
Office Themes Versus PowerPoint Templates   315
Changing Theme Colors, Fonts, and Effects   316
Create Your Own Theme Color Set   317
Choose a Different Font Set   319
Select a Different Effects Set   321
Formatting Masters and Layouts   323
Apply Colors, Fonts, Effects   323
Format the Master Background   324
Format and Position Master Placeholders   327
Format the Title Slide Layout   329
Format Individual Slide Layouts   330
Create a Custom Layout   332
Saving Themes and Templates   334
Save a Template   335
Save a Theme   336
Index 339


A Microsoft PowerPoint MVP since 2000, Echo Swinford began her PowerPoint career in 1997 working for a medical education communications company, where she was responsible for the development of enduring materials and stand-alone modules for continuing medical education programs.

Echo holds a master’s degree in New Media from the Indiana University–Purdue University at Indianapolis School of Informatics. She is self-employed, specializing in developing PowerPoint templates, presentation creation and makeovers, and training for large and small corporate clients. Echo has been a featured speaker for the Presentation Summit (formerly PowerPoint Live) user conference since its inception.

Echo’s first book, Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances, was published by O’Reilly Media in February 2006, and The PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit, co-authored with Geetesh Bajaj, was published by Que in November 2008. Her third book, Building PowerPoint Templates: Step by Step with the Experts (co-authored with Julie Terberg), came out in fall 2012 and was also published by Que. Video publications for Que include LiveLessons for PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016, and PowerPoint for iPad. Echo also has a string of tech editing credits with these and other publishers.

Visit Echo’s website at