New Challenges for the American Presidency

George C. Edwards / Phillip John Davies  
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April 2004
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With the 2004 Presidential Election just around the corner and a host of critically important challenges facing the presidency today, the top names in presidential studies have come together—for the first time ever in a single book—to examine those challenges and explore what they might mean for the American people.

Edited by George Edwards and Philip John Davies, this collection of original essays concentrates on the current Bush presidency and uniquely tackles the particular issues the presidency faces today. Examining the various roles the president must play, it offers compelling pieces by the top presidency scholars: Richard Neustadt, Marc Landy, Martha Joynt Kumar, Barbara Sinclair, Stephen Wayne, John Owens, Robert McKeever, James Pfiffner, John Hart, G. Calvin Mackenzie, Richard Pious, John Dumbrell. Fascinating, thought-provoking, and groundbreaking, New Challenges for the American Presidency is destined to become a classic.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Philip John Davies


1. Richard Neustadt, Challenges Created by Contemporary Presidents.

Leading the Public.

2. George Edwards, The Strategic Presidency of George Bush.

3. Marc Landy, The Bully Pulpit and the War on Terror.

Managing the Press.

4. Martha Joynt Kumar, News Organizations as a Presidential Resource in Governing: Media Opportunities and White House Organization.

Leading Congress.

5. Barbara Sinclair, Leading and Competing: The President and the Polarized Congress.

6. Stephen Wayne, Bush and Congress: Old Problems and New Challenges.

7. John Owens, Challenging (and Acting For) the President: Congressional Leadership in an Era of Partisan Polarization.

Appointing the Judiciary.

8. Robert McKeever, Presidential Strategies in the New Politics of Supreme Court Appointments.

Making Decisions.

9. James Pfiffner, George W. Bush: Politics, Policy, and Personality. @AHEADS10. John Hart, The New National Security Strategy and the Old National Security Council.

Implementing the War on Terror.

11. G. Calvin Mackenzie, Old Wars, New Wars, and the American Presidency.

12. Richard Pious, Constitutional Prerogatives and Presidential Power.

13. John Dumbrell, The Bush Doctrine.


George C. Edwards IIIis Distinguished Professor of political science at Texas A and M University. Former director of the Bush Presidential Library, Dr. Edwards has written or edited over 17 books, is editor of Presidential Studies Quarterly, has served as president of the Presidency Research Section of the American Political Science Association, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Affairs. As a presidency expert, Dr. Edwards is interviewed and quoted frequently in newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV programs across the country.

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