Manual de gramática y ortografía para hispanos

Prentice Hall
María Elena Francés / Rubén Benítez
Januar 2012


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Manual de gramática y ortografía para hispanos
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Manual de gramática y ortografía para hispanos was designed specifically for those students who speak Spanish at home and therefore have some proficiency in speaking the language but who, at the same time, have not yet mastered all aspects of grammar and the written language. Manual de gramática y ortografía para hispanos is a first-year course that covers the common core of first-year material, but is geared to native speakers.  It focuses primarily on grammar and spelling while emphasizing speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. 


  • Clearly written and simply presented.
    • Enables students to focus on the rules of Spanish grammar and spelling that are particularly challenging for heritage speakers.

  • Appropriate and well-developed exercises.
    • Allows students to apply the rules learned in class in their everday speaking.

  • Three-part chapter organization-Includes I) Gramática (grammar and exercises); II) Ortografía (spelling rules); and III) Lengua y cultura (reading and composition).
    • Improves students' command of the Spanish language in all aspects: oral expression, writing, and reading ability.

  • Diverse readings-Written by authors who represent different Spanish-speaking countries; the readings are followed by a set of comprehensive exercises.
    • Emphasizes the grammar and spelling rules included in each chapter, and provides students with an opportunity to build vocabulary skills and enhance their mastery of the language.

New to this Edition

This second edition incorporates several important revisions and new chapter exercises suggested by teachers who have used the book in their classes. 


The reading in Chapter 6 was changed and a new set of exercises called Ejercicios de repaso was added every three chapters to help students review the important material. 


An additional new section, Un paso más, which encourages students to use outside media such as the internet or the library for further cultural enrichment, was also added to each chapter. Un paso más presents an optional written or oral project, which could serve to encourage students to think about the reading and topics discussed in the book and apply them outside of the classroom. These questions are designed to encourage and cultivate critical thinking and as a forum for students to learn how to develop their personal research interests. In addition, Un paso más helps to enrich the students' cultural awareness of Hispanic life.

Table of Contents



Capítulo 1 Vocales y sílabas

Capítulo 2 Sujeto y predicado. Frase nominal. Sustantivo

Capítulo 3 El artículo

Ejercicios de repaso # 1

Capítulo 4 Adjetivos. Comparativos y superlativos

Capítulo 5 La frase verbal. Verbos (I). Presente.

Capítulo 6 Verbos (II). Pretérito e imperfecto. Complemento indirecto.

Ejercicios de repaso # 2

Capítulo 7 La estructura reflexiva. Las preposiciones. El infinitivo y el gerundio

Capítulo 8 Cláusulas de relativo. Pronombres relativos. Conjunciones

Capítulo 9 Verbos (III). Futuro. Condicional

Ejercicios de repaso # 3

Capítulo 10 Verbos (IV). Participio. Tiempos compuestos del indicativo. Voz pasiva

Capítulo 11 Verbos (V). Presente del subjuntivo. Subjuntivo en cláusulas nominales, adjetivas y adverbiales. Mandatos. Imperativo.

Capítulo 12 Verbos (VI). Pasado y tiempos compuestos del subjuntivo. Otros usos del subjuntivo

Ejercicios de repaso # 4

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