E-Field Program:A Competency-based System for Social Work Practicum

Allyn & Bacon
Jeanne Matich-Maroney
Juli 2012


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The E-Field Program: A Competency-based System for the Social Work Practicum is a comprehensive and interactive web-based program for Social Work Field Education. It allows students, field supervisors, and faculty liaisons to use a variety of tools in a student's field placement - interactive Contract, Process Recording Tool, Journal Tool, and Evaluation Form in an interactive format. In addition, Social Work Departments can pull data on the Field program.


  • Website includes an interactive student learning contract, process recording tool, journaling tool, field evaluation and data services components, and a per-school data-analysis tool
  • Connects to the 2008 CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards
  • Departments can customize the website by adding practice behaviors, etc.
  • Custom User's manual includes background on the importance of field education in social work, as well as how to use the website. 

Table of Contents


Getting to Know Social Work Field Education

Competency-based Field Education


Part 1 Introducing… the eField Program

eField Program Website Functions

How Does it Work?

Student and Field Supervisor

Faculty Liaison

Social Work Program



Part 2  Understanding and Using the Electronic Field Tools

Student Learning Contract

Electronic Student Learning Contract

Process Recording

Field Journals and Logs

Electronic Process Recording and Field Journal

Field Evaluation

Field Evaluation Process

Electronic Field Performance Evaluation



Part 3  A Closer Look at Process Recordings and Field Journals

Going Digital: The Electronic Process Recording and Field Journal

Electronic Process Recording Structure

Purpose of the Contact

Preparation for the Contact

Five Column Client Encounter

Summary Analysis

Questions for Supervision

Progress towards Learning Objective Attainment

Electronic Field Journal

Electronic Field Journal Structure



Part 4  Navigating the eField Program Website


Logging In

Home Page

Accessing the eField Tools

Electronic Student Learning Contract

Electronic Process Recording

Electronic Field Journal

Electronic Field Performance Evaluation

Data Collection for Your School's Program


Appendix A    Competencies Related to eField Tool Tasks

AppendixB  Glossary of Skills with Performance Indicators

Appendix C  Glossary of Social Work Terms



Jeanne Matich-Maroney is an Associate Professor and the currently Chair of the Social Work Department at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.  She holds a PhD, an MSW, and a B.S. in social work all from New York University.  Dr. Matich-Maroney has taught for many years at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and currently teaches across the baccalaureate curriculum at Iona College. Prior to her academic appointment, Dr. Matich-Maroney worked as a generalist practitioner, clinician, clinical supervisor, and executive level administrator in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities.  She also served as a field instructor for several New York area social work programs (both undergraduate and graduate) while in these agency-based positions.    


In addition to teaching and program oversight responsibilities, Dr. Matich-Maroney serves as the Assessment Coordinator for the Social Work Department providing leadership for ongoing activities associated with Program Outcome Assessment/Evaluation.  Dr. Matich-Maroney's current research and development interests are in the areas of pedagogy in social work education, as well as social work program assessment, and she maintains a continuing clinical interest in the area of trauma and abuse in relation to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Matich-Maroney has previously presented and published on matters of social work education as well as sexuality and intellectual disabilities.