Contemporary Human Resource Management

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Tom Redman / Adrian Wilkinson  
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May 2013
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Contemporary Human Resource Management
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Contemporary Human Resource Management provides students with a thorough and critical exploration of all the key functions and issues within HRM today. 


Written in a clear yet thought-provoking style, the book contains chapters contributed by experts in their field to ensure coverage of the most recent ideas and practices. Each chapter is complemented by extensive case studies, exercises or activities to put concepts into recognisable context.


It is suitable for students studying human resource management on a wide range of HRM and general business / management undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.


Among the most valuable features and aids to learning in the book are:

  • Contributed chapters from experts in their field
  • Case studies, exercises and activities encourage critical thinking as well as awareness of practical implications
  • Summaries, review and discussion questions, further reading and website references provide a valuable reference and study resource

Table of Contents

Part I - Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

1. Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Perspective (Tom Redman and Adrian Wilkinson)

2. Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance (Nick Kinnie and Juani Swart)

3. Recruitment (Scott Hurrell and Dora Scholarios)

4. Selection (Dora Scholarios)

5. Training and Development (Irena Grugulis)

6. Reward Management (Mark Gilman)

7. Performance Appraisal (Tom Redman)

8. Industrial Relations (Nick Bacon)

9. Line Managers (Doug Renwick)

10. Organisation and Corporate Culture (Alistair Cheyne and John Loan-Clarke)

Part II - Contemporary Themes and Issues

11. International Human Resource Management (Michael Dickmann)

12. Comparative Human Resource Management (Geoff Wood and David Collings)

13. Understanding and Managing Careers in Changing Contexts (Dulini Fernando, Laurie Cohen and Amal El-Sawad)

14. Managing Diversity (Cathy Cassell)

15. Work Life Balance: National Regimes, Organisational Policies and Individual Choices (Gill Kirton)

16. Downsizing (Tom Redman, Adrian Wilkinson and Alankrita Pandey)

17. Employee Participation (Tony Dundon and Adrian Wilkinson)

18. Knowledge Management (Donald Hislop)

19. Employment Ethics (Peter Ackers)

20. Emotion at Work (Melissa Tyler and Philip Hancock)

21. Flexibility (Clare Kelliher)

22. Workplace Bullying (Sara Branch, Sheryl Ramsay and Michelle Barker)


Back Cover

Aspiring student of HRM? Or forward-thinking manager? Contemporary Human Resource Management is in your hands.


Written in a clear yet thought-provoking style, this text provides a thorough and critical exploration of the key functions, practices and issues in HRM today. Each chapter is written by an expert in that field, ensuring the book consistently offers incisive and engaging accounts of the theoretical and practical realities of contemporary HRM.


Fundamental HRM practices are covered clearly in the first part of the book, before the second half examines issues of more recent and emerging significance. At least two case studies, exercises or activities in each chapter enable and encourage readers to identify, examine and apply key concepts in a practical context.


The book does not just report but also leads the debates across this ever-changing discipline.


"A very successful textbook: the range of contributors means that there is depth in each topic, yet the writing style is consistently accessible. It offers good bibliographies, case studies and box examples of human resource management in practice. The longer cases are particularly helpful in developing skills." - Dr Barras Stone, Bournemouth University


"I can recommend this text for use on Human Resource Management modules without any reservation; its theoretical coverage is appropriate, the guidance to reading and research is unsurpassed and the case studies are suitably informative." - Dr Paul Cunningham, City College Norwich


Adrian Wilkinson is Professor of Employment Relations and Director of the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing at Griffith University, Queensland in Australia. He is also Visiting Professor at Loughborough University Business School, Durham University Business School and The University of Sheffield. He was recently shortlisted by HR magazine for the award of HR’s Most Influential International Thinker.


Tom Redman is Professor of HRM at Durham University Business School, Durham University.

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