Quantitative Analysis for Decision Makers with MyLab Math (Formally known as Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers)

Mik Wisniewski / Farhad Shafti  
June 2020
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Quantitative Analysis for Decision Makers with MyLab Math (Formally known as Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers)
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This package includes a physical copy of Quantitative Analysis for Decision Makers, 7th edition by Mik Wisniewski & Farhad Shafti as well as access to the eText and MyLab Math Global. To access the eText and MyLab Math Global you need a course ID from your instructor. If you are only looking for the book you will need to purchase the following ISBN: 9781292276618

Table of Contents



List of ‘QMDM in Action’ case studies




1   Introduction


The Use of Quantitative Techniques by Business

The Role of Quantitative Techniques in Business

Models in Quantitative Decision Making

Use of Computers

Using the Text



2  Tools of the Trade


Learning objectives

Some Basic Terminology

Fractions, Proportions, Percentages

Rounding and Significant Figures

Common Notation

Powers and Roots


Summation and Factorials

Equations and Mathematical Models


Real and Money Terms

Worked Example



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There's no doubt that a manager's job is getting tougher. Do it better, do it faster, do it cheaper are the pressures every manager faces. And at the heart of every manager's job is decision-making: deciding what to do and how to do it. This well-respected text looks at how quantitative analysis techniques can be used effectively to support such decision making.


As a manager, developing a good understanding of the quantitative analysis techniques at your disposal is crucial. Knowing how, and when, to use them and what their results really mean can be the difference between making a good or bad decision and, ultimately, between business success and failure.


Appealing both to students on introductory-level courses and to MBA and postgraduate students, this internationally successful text provides an accessible introduction to a subject area that students often find difficult. Quantitative Analysis for Decision Makers (formerly known as Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers) helps students to understand the relevance of quantitative methods of analysis to management decision-making by relating techniques directly to real-life business decisions in public and private sector organisations and focuses on developing appropriate skills and understanding of how the techniques fit into the wider management process.


Key features:

  • The use of real data sets to show how analytical techniques are used in practice
  • “QADM in Action” case studies illustrating how organisations benefit from the use of analytical techniques
  • Articles from the Financial Times illustrating the use of such techniques in a variety of business settings
  • Fully worked examples and exercises supported by Excel data sets
  • Student Progress Check activities in each chapter with solutions
  • A 300+ page Tutors Solutions Manual 


Mik Wisniewski has almost five decades of experience in quantitative analysis. He has taught at a number of leading universities, worked in both industry and government and has extensive consultancy experience in the UK and across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Dr. Farhad Shafti is a senior academic with expertise in Management Science. He has