Clinical Phonetics: Pearson New International Edition

Lawrence D. Shriberg / Raymond D. Kent  
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November 2013
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Clinical Phonetics: Pearson New International Edition
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For students taking courses in phonetics and linguistics.


A comprehensive introduction to the art and science of clinical transcription.


Clinical Phonetics was written with the belief that the clinical application of phonetics is a specialized branch of the field that requires a particular sensitivity to the challenge of transcribing speech disorders. The three primary strengths of the fourth edition of this text continue to be: authoritative coverage of the phonetics of American English, tested skills teaching in clinical transcription using four hours of audio examples (CDs sold separately), and the discussion of a wealth of clinically-relevant topics throughout the text and numerous appendices. Other notable features of the book are its broad coverage of phonetics, including an overview of the anatomy of speech production; phonetic symbols for consonants, vowels and diphthongs; diacritics for narrow transcription; representing suprasegmentals such as stress pattern; acoustic properties of speech; and dialect. This newly revised edition of Clinical Phonetics preserves the strengths of the earlier editions but offers significant improvements in content and style.


  • Discussions on multicultural issues in phonetic transcription helps students to understand, appreciate, and work with the diversity found in their field.
  • A concise review of phonetic transcription and phonetic analyses of infant vocalizations gives students a better understanding of phonetic analysis of people at a range of life stages.
  • Information on transcription reliability from a clinical perspective presents students with an in-depth look at this important issue in phonetics.
  • The inclusion of the PepperFont, a series of freely available fonts for the IBM environment, provides instructors and students with a way to include phonetic characters (including optional diacritic characters) in electronic documents.

New to this Edition

  • A new chapter (Chapter 10) and appendix focuses on dialects and multi-cultural, and cross-linguistic aspects of phonetics and gives students a more detailed discussion of dialects along with transcription practice of recorded samples of dialects.
  • Discussions of acoustic properties of speech sounds at the end of relevant chapters integrates readers’ exposure to acoustics throughout the text, making it easier to understand the acoustic characteristics of various classes of sounds as well as suprasegmental features.
  • Boxed features containing further information or items of related interest have been added to most chapters, giving students the opportunity to encounter information that extends the text by introducing or elaborating on topics in phonetics.
  • A full reorganization splits the book into two sections:  a text section and a skills practice section, clearly separating the knowledge and skills elements and letting the student focus individually on each type of learning.

Table of Contents

About the Authors
What’s New in This Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Notes to Instructors
Contents of the Audio Samples

Chapter 1 - Overview of Clinical Phonetics

Chapter 2 - Linguistic Phonetics

Chapter 3 - The Three Systems of Speech Production

Chapter 4 - Vowels and Diphthongs

Chapter 5 - Consonants

Chapter 6 - Suprasegmentals and Narrow Transcription

Chapter 7 - Clinical Scoring and Transcription

Chapter 8 - Transcription Training
  Part A: Transcription of Vowel and Diphthong Sound Changes
  Part B: Transcription of Stop Sound Changes
  Part C: Transcription of Fricatives and Affricate Sound Changes
  Part D: Transcription of Glide and Liquid Sound Changes
  Part E: Transcription of Nasal Sound Changes

Chapter 9 - Transcription And Scoring Practice

Chapter 10 - Phonetic Variations 
Appendix A - Phonetics Symbols and Terms