Get Ready to Teach

Verity Lush  
Pearson Longman
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July 2009
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Get Ready to Teach
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Written by a Head of Department who managed to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ grading from Ofsted 8 weeks in to her NQT year. With a unique down-to-earth writing style, this book will provide NQTs with the practical advice that they need to help quell those September nerves together with a touch of humour to make the book highly readable and engaging. 

The book is written in direct response to the feedback of NQTs who suggested that the period before starting a first job in teaching - the time when you can think of nothing but the sheer horror of standing in front of a classroom of unruly children – is terrifying.  The text tackles the “real-life” issues that worry new teachers, with a focus on the period before starting the first job. The timeline within the book will take you right through from the summer before starting, to your second year and beyond.

The book will be the complete guide that every NQT (whether primary or secondary based) needs, giving advice on all aspects of school life – from the practicalities of setting up your classroom and talking to parents, right down to strategies for planning, assessment and continuing professional development, as well as some real-life stories from teachers who have been there and survived their NQT year. 


  • Written by Head of Department who achieved an 'Excellent' grading from Ofsted 8 weeks into her NQT year
  • Humorous and down-to-earth writing style
  • Honest advice on “real-life” situations is provided from a first-hand perspective to help quell the nerves of every NQT
  • Packed with advice and anecdotes from teachers at all stages of their career
  • The text offers practical ideas to use in the classroom prior to and after the first term commences
  • A list of handy websites containing resources to use in the classroom
  • Written and structured as a result of direct feedback from other NQTs with regards to the content that they felt they could have benefitted from in their first year 
  • The timeline structure of the book moves with the reader from the summer before starting their first teaching job, to their second year and beyond.
  • Table of Contents


    1 How to find a job

    2 The summer holidays

    3 September: Part One

    4 September: Part Two

    5 Your first half-term

    6 Onwards to Christmas

    7 And onwards to summer

    8 Your second year and beyond

    9 Tales from the front line

    10 Useful websites

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    You’ve finished your training. You’re a qualified teacher. Now you just have to teach…


    If you’re an NQT you must read this book. It will become your best friend as it helps you through your first year of teaching.

    ·        How do you find a job or prepare during the summer before you begin teaching?

    ·        What’s the best way to set up your classroom?

    ·        Do you need to speak to parents in a certain way?


    Get Ready to Teachanswers all of these questions plus countless others – and it will give you straightforward and time-saving strategies for planning, assessment and continuing professional development. It is also packed full of innovative and up-to-date lesson activities and checklists.


    Its unique mix of practical advice and stories from teachers who’ve navigated their way through their NQT year, combined with a touch of humour and honesty, make this book the complete guide you’ll need as you embark on your exciting, rewarding and demanding career.


    This book tells you what others don’t – the tips that all teachers wish they had known before they started.


    About the Author

    Verity Lush began her teaching career in 2003. 8 weeks into her NQT year she achieved an ‘Outstanding’ grading from Ofsted – which just goes to show it can be done!

    She is currently a Head of Department and has co-written a highly successful textbook. She gives seminars to PGCE students and as you’d expect, she loves having trainees in her school.