Absolute Beginner's Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming

Rogers Cadenhead  
QUE Publishing
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October 2015

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming
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This is the easiest, most practical beginner’s guide to creating killer Minecraft mods in Java… simple, reliable, full-color instructions for doing everything students really want to do. Updated to use the Spigot server for running their own Minecraft server and creating Minecraft mods.


The easiest, quickest, most entertaining introduction to creating Minecraft mods in Java — updated to use the new Sponge API and server for creating Minecraft mods

• Ideal for Minecraft users, young and old, who are new to programming
• Clear and friendly style assumes no prior programming knowledge
• Popular author Rogers Cadenhead breaks down Minecraft mods programming concepts and terms into short, easily understandable
• Fun examples provide a step-by-step, hands-on experience that begins with simple tasks and gradually builds

New to this Edition

This new edition has been updated to replace the Bukkit server with the new Sponge server and API for creating Minecraft mods.

Table of Contents

Part I: Java from the Ground Up

1 Dig into Minecraft Programming with Java

Setting Up a Minecraft Server

Connecting to the Server

2 Use NetBeans for Minecraft Programming

Installing NetBeans

Creating a New Project
Creating a New Java Class
Running the Application

Fixing Errors

3 Create a Minecraft Mod

Creating Your First Mod

4 Start Writing Java Programs

What You Need to Write Programs

Creating the Splash Program

Beginning the Program

Storing Information in a Variable

Saving the Finished Product

Compiling the Program into a Class File

Fixing Errors

Running a Java Program

5 Understand How Java Programs Work

Creating an Application 

Sending Arguments to Applications

The Java Class Library

6 Store and Change Information in a Mod

Statements and Expressions

Assigning Variable Types

Naming Your Variables

Storing Information in Variables

All About Operators

Using Expressions

7 Use Strings to Communicate 

Storing Text in Strings

Displaying Strings in Programs

Using Special Characters in Strings

Pasting Strings Together

Using Other Variables with Strings 

Advanced String Handling 

Presenting Credits

8 Use Conditional Tests to Make Decisions

if Statements

if-else Statements

switch Statements

The Ternary Operator

Watching the Clock

9 Repeat an Action with Loops

for Loops

while Loops

do-while Loops

Exiting a Loop 

Naming a Loop

Testing Your Computer Speed 

10 Store Information with Arrays

Creating Arrays

Using Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays

Sorting an Array

Counting Characters in Strings

Part II: The World of Java Objects

11 Create Your First Object

How Object-Oriented Programming Works

Objects in Action

What Objects Are

Understanding Inheritance

Building an Inheritance Hierarchy

Converting Objects and Simple Variables

Creating an Object

12 Describe What Your Object Is Like

Creating Variables

Creating Class Variables

Creating Behavior with Methods

Putting One Class Inside Another

Using the this Keyword

Using Class Methods and Variables

13 Make the Most of Existing Objects

The Power of Inheritance

Establishing Inheritance

Working with Existing Objects

Storing Objects of the Same Class in Array Lists

Creating a Subclass

14 Store Objects in Data Structures

Array Lists 

Hash Maps

15 Handle Errors in a Mod


Throwing and Catching Exceptions

16 Create a Threaded Mod


Working with Threads

The Constructor

Catching Errors as You Set Up URLs

Starting the Thread

Handling Mouse Clicks

Displaying Revolving Links

17 Read and Write Files


Writing Data to a Stream

Reading and Writing Configuration Properties

Part III: Create Killer Minecraft Mods

18 Spawn a Mob

The Mod Framework

Starting a Mod Project

Writing the Mod’s Code

19 Make One Mob Ride Another

Starting the Project

Writing the Mod

Deploying the Mod

20 Take a Census of Mobs and Villages

Starting the Project

Creating the Project

21 Transmute Materials in an Inventory

Starting the Project

Creating the Project

22 Dig a Giant Hole

Starting the Project

Creating the Project

23 Chop Down a Forest of Trees

Starting the Project

Creating the Project

24 Respond to Events in the Game

Starting the Project

Creating the Project

25 Display a Mob’s Health During Combat

Starting the Project 

Creating the Project 

26 Make a World Change over Time

Starting the Project

Creating the Project

27 Befriend the God of Lightning

Starting the Project

Stepping Through Mod Development

Creating the Project

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Rogers Cadenhead is a writer, computer programmer, and web developer who has written more than 20 books on Internet-related topics, including Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours. He maintains the Drudge Retort and other websites that receive more than 20 million visits a year. This book’s official website is at www.javaminecraft.com.