HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide

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Joe Casabona  
Peachpit Press
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September 2020
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HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide
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Visual QuickStart Guide is an easy, visual approach to learning. 

This new edition features more than six hours of instructional video that guide you through HTML and CSS, getting you up and running with web development in no time. The images in the book feature concise steps and explanations, while the videos enhance and expand the information in the book and provide an alternative method for learning. Readers should register their book on to gain access to the Web Edition, an online version of the book that includes the supplementary video. 

HTML and CSS remain the linchpin of the Web. Every beginning web developer needs to understand them thoroughly, including the latest advances in these technologies, and the newest functionality that they enable. From the basics to more advanced techniques, this book guides you through:
  • Designing, structuring, and formatting sites
  • Using images, links, styles, tables, and forms
  • Adding media, visual effects, and animations
  • Using CSS to gain full control over elements, fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Making the most of sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities
  • Applying modern best practices for ensuring accessibility and responsiveness
  • Principles of testing, debugging, and publishing sites and applications
  • Exploring leading JavaScript libraries and build tools for more advanced web development


  • Completely revamped by a new author to reflect the latest web technologies and techniques, including Flexbox, CSS Grid, progressive web apps, responsive images, and much more
  • Covers current best practices for web accessibility, responsive web apps, build, test, and more
  • Packed with examples and hands-on projects to help you learn by doing
  • By an author with 10+ years of web development instructional experience, plus extensive experience designing curricula and teaching adults

New to this Edition

This is a totally new edition revamped by a new author, and improved with the addition of extensive video training for both self-learners and classroom environments. Extensive new coverage includes:
  • Flexbox and CSS Grid
  • Progressive web apps
  • New HTML spec elements such as responsive images and native lazy loading
  • CSS preprocessors and other build tools
  • New web accessibility techniques
  • Up-to-date coverage of using SVG
  • An overview of current JavaScript libraries for web development
  • New validation and debugging tools

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 What Are HTML and CSS?
  • Chapter 2 Creating a Website on Your Computer
  • Chapter 3 HTML Syntax
  • Chapter 4 Basic HTML Elements
  • Chapter 5 Links
  • Chapter 6 Structure and Layout with HTML
  • Chapter 7 Media
  • Chapter 8 Tables and Other Structured Data Elements
  • Chapter 9 Web Forms
  • Chapter 10 Advanced and Experimental Features
  • Chapter 11 Introduction to CSS
  • Chapter 12 Targeting Elements
  • Chapter 13 Styling Text
  • Chapter 14 Color in CSS
  • Chapter 15 Using CSS for Page Layout
  • Chapter 16 Layouts with CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • Chapter 17 Responsive Design and Media Queries
  • Chapter 18 CSS Transformations and Animations
  • Chapter 19 CSS Variables
  • Chapter 20 CSS Preprocessors
  • Chapter 21 Getting Your Website Online
  • Chapter 22 Testing Your Website
  • Chapter 23 Improving Website Performance
  • Chapter 24 Web Accessibility
  • Chapter 25 Going Beyond HTML & CSS


Joe Casabona is a front-end developer, educator, and podcaster. He has been building websites since 2001, and has worked on projects for Disney, National Geographic, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and more. He also has a master’s degree in software engineering from The University of Scranton, teaches computer science, produces training videos, and authors books and courses on HTML, CSS, PHP, responsive web design, and WordPress.