Coach Yourself

Anthony Grant / Jane Greene  
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May 2004

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Coach Yourself
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Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and your life being exactly how you want it to be. This book will help you help yourself to find where this is - and get there. The only self-coaching book written by a business psychologist and based on scientifically tested techniques, it reveals the power of knowing how to coach yourself.....


- Coaching is still growing in availability and recognition - people who don't have access to a coach or can't afford one are eager to find ways of benefitting from the ideas.

- The large format £15 first edition was the bestselling of all momentum titles by a significant margin - this new smaller format, lower price edition will take it to a much bigger audience.

- The smaller format new edition Change Activist has sold really well.

- The lower price edition of Coach Yourself makes it real competitor to the 'self-help' coaching books such as 'Be Your Own Life Coach.'

- Coach Yourself has the advantage of being written by an academic coaching psychologist - it's not fluff, it's scientfically proven.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

Change happens

Why is it important to be able to change? Welcoming change

Chapter two

BYO - can you be your own life coach?

Chapter three

All change

What works and what doesn't

Chapter four

Hopes and dreams

What do you really want?

Chapter five

Whatever turns you on

Exploring motivation

Chapter six

From negative to positive

Turning ANTs into PETs

Building a solid house of change

Chapter seven

Solutions, solutions, solutions

Moving away from the problem towards a solution

Chapter eight

Gathering strength

(Exploring motivation)

Chapter nine

Staying on track

Chapter ten

Do it with a friend


Chapter eleven


Chapter twelve

Coach yourself: a life-coaching programme for change

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Coach Yourself

Make Real Changes in Your Life

'Finally, an end to the bullshit.  Unsentimental, straightforward, to the point.  This is the most exciting, best researched self-help book you will ever read.'  Susan Hogg, Controller of Drama, Granada TV, UK

'Direct, informative, tolerant of occasional back-slides and never condescending or simple-minded.  To boot, the text is literate, fun and energising to read.'  Rosemary H. Balsam MD, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Yale University, USA

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and your life being exactly how you want it to be...  Good news - you can make this happen.  Coach Yourself will help you work out what you want your life to be like, and most importantly, how to get there.

Coach Yourself is for anyone who wants to lead a more purposeful, more successful life.  Packed full of scientifically tested psychological tips and techniques, this highly practical book will show you how to become your own solution-focussed life coach; how to make lasting positive, inspirational change in your life, in and out of work.

Just imagine the cost-effectiveness and convenience of having your life coach on tap 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There whenever you need them.  You can - it's you.

Ready to discover the power of being able to Coach Yourself?


Anthony M Grant is a Coaching Psychologist, based in New South Wales, Australia. He holds a BA(Hons) in psychology from the University of Sydney and a Masters of Behavioural Science from Macquarie University, Sydney. He is currently completing a PhD in enhancing performance and well-being using evidenced based cognitive behavioural coaching techniques. His research and practice has frequently been reported in the media and he has a number of publications in the academic press. He has presented papers and workshops at national and international conferences. He has received a number of awards for his work in psychology including the Australian Psychological Society Prize for Psychology (1997) and the University of Sydney Medal for Psychology. Tony established the world's first university-based Coaching Psychology Unit at the Department of Psychology in the University of Sydney, where he teaches and co-ordinates the world's only university-based post-graduate degree program in Coaching Psychology. He has a private coaching and consulting practice and runs group-based seminars and coach training programs for industry and community organisations.