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Advanced Expert CAE Advanced Expert CAE Advanced Expert Coursebook

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title:   Advanced Expert CAE Advanced Expert CAE Advanced Expert Coursebook
series:   Longman
author:   Jan Bell / Roger Gower / Drew Hyde
publisher:   Pearson Longman
cover:   Softcover
edition:   1
language:   English
total pages:   208
pub.-date:   Februar 2005
ISBN13:   9780582823914
ISBN10:   0-58282-391-9
status   title no longer available
alternative title:
ISBNtitleeditioncoverpublishing dateorder dispositionprice
9781447929291 Coursebook, CDROM & iTests Pack 1 Softcover 07.2012

Advanced Expert CAE

Advanced Expert CAE
Advanced Expert Coursebook (page sample)
Advanced Expert Coursebook (page sample)
Advanced Expert Coursebook (Table of Contents)
Glossary (Glossary)
Advanced Expert Coursebook (answer key)

Advanced Expert CAE Advanced Expert CAE Advanced Expert Coursebook


Advanced Expert gives adults thorough exam training while continuing to develop their language awareness and offers teachers a comprehensive, flexible resource package.


Jan Bell got an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading, and spent 8 years in Italy, teaching and teacher training for the British Council in Naples. Her work also included training and assessing for the Diploma for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults, and writing training courses and training teachers for Distance Training Methodology Projects.

On her return to Britain she spent the next 10 years at the Bell College in Saffron Walden. She taught a variety of English courses to adults from all over the world and ran methodology and language courses for teachers from all over the world, including Poland. She also travelled extensively to many overseas countries, giving lectures and running methodology courses.

Jan is now a full-time writer. Her publications for Longman include: Soundings (1989), The Matters series, Expert FCE (2003), Expert CAE - to be published in 2005.

Roger Gower has worked as Director of International House, London, Principal of the Bell Language School and Cambridge and Operations Director for the Bell Educational Trust. He has had extensive experience in teaching and teacher training in, amongst other places, Italy, Mexico, India, Japan and Portugal. As well as being co-author with Jan Bell of theMatters series, he is co-author ofReading Literature (Longman), author ofPast into Present (Longman) and is currently Reviews Editor forModern English Teacher. Recently he has completedFCE Expert andCAE Expert (Longman) with Jan Bell.

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